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Supporting the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Supporting the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Pacific Islands

The extensive exploitation of natural resources in the Pacific in previous decades has considerably affected the fragile ecosystems in and around the islands we live. Our growing populations have increased demands on land, marine and coastal resources which in many cases had led to their unsustainable exploitation. The signs are apparent to all: increased poverty, a higher incidence of diseases due to malnutrition, but also soil erosion, pollution of rivers and coastal areas, and the serious threat to the survival of native plant and wildlife. Many of our qualified specialists have left the region in search for ‘greener pastures’ elsewhere.

Authorities are becoming increasingly aware that the current rates of utilisation of these resources that are vital for long-range development, cannot be sustained. During the last years there has been a shift in the region towards the development and implementation of systems that are more sustainable, and minimise any detrimental effects on the environment, of which we are a part of. Eco-Consult Pacific has the appropriate resources for the strategic planning and implementation of such systems.

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